September 25, 2008 at 12:20 pm (The Show)

Do tune in tonight on 103.2 Dublin City FM from 9 to 11pm, for our last two hour show.  The Moshpit are back from their holliers next week so we’ll be shaving it back down to just one indie hour.  It’s been a helluvalotta fun having two hours and I want to say thanks again to the folks who came down over the last three weeks and helped me pull off some pretty interesting radio shit.  I think it’s been interesting anyway.

Tonight we’ll be joined by Skinny Wolves who are going to be giving us an insight into their label and promotion operation/arts collective.  We’ll be playing through tracks released on the label and we’ll be talking about the rake of gigs they’ve got planned in the coming month.

In the second half we’ll be talking to Halfset about the pending release of their album Another Way of Being There.

Don’t worry if you’re nowhere near a wireless tonight – you can listen on line through the website or you can wait til the weekend is through and Adebisi Shank have played and it’ll be up on the blog as an mp3, especially for you.

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September 23, 2008 at 6:31 pm (The Show)

Hideaway House, Deansgrange

Last Thursday on the indie hour, we had the pleasure of being joined by some representatives of the DIY community in Dublin.

It was my absolute pleasure to get Barry Armed Ambitions / Organised Ideas, Sinead Seomra Spraoi All Ages, Dylan Hideaway House and Niall McGuirk from Hope together around a table to discuss their ideas about what DIY is.

They spoke about their own individual reasons for being involved in DIY and what they felt was important about providing alternative spaces for people of all ages to be creative outside of a pub/venue. We played a lot of good music, international and Irish, and they stressed the fact that the act of doing things for yourself and independently, isn’t actually that difficult. It’s possible to do – to release your own record, to write a book, to put on gigs, whatever – all four of the people on the show were proof of that.

I went to see the DIY documentary, Roll Up Your Sleeves, directed by Dylan Hideaway, on Saturday after the show. It was an inspiring film, and one which sums up the DIY community that I would associate with bands like Heathers and Adebisi Shank.

One major issue that has really stuck with me since talking to the four on the show last week and the screening of the film on Saturday was the lack of community space for people in Dublin. Dylan’s film, which highlights Hideaway House in Deansgrange, also shows examples of social centres around Europe, which allow people to create without the pressure to consume. There’s a serious lack of space like this in Dublin and, as far as I’m aware, the rest of Ireland. I know there are people campaigning and trying to create spaces like this for teenagers as well as adults.

Giving people – especially teenagers, in my opinion – the opportunity to own a space where they can express themselves is so essential to personal development. With all the empty buildings around Dublin, it’s hard to understand why these spaces are not being used to provide facilities cheaply for people who would benefit so much from them. Oh wait, because someone somewhere probably wants to turn those empty building into apartments. Silly me, that makes so much more sense.

On the programme, we made it clear that DIY doesn’t just mean punk music, which I think is a common misconception. We talked about promoters like !Kaboogie and labels like D1 who are putting on gigs and releasing records as well, and the musical diversity that is actually represented under the umbrella term of DIY. It’s so encouraging and exciting to see the amount of different people doing these things and how much more varied it makes our lives – different gigs, different music, less limitations. It’s great!

I really believe that one of the best things about living in Ireland at the moment is the opportunities that we can create for ourselves. Ian McKaye from Fugazi is interviewed in Dylan’s film and he says something which I think sums up what so many people are doing in Ireland and in other parts of the world. To paraphrase, he said of himself that in being DIY, he wasn’t trying to destroy anything that came before. It wasn’t about being anti-establishment or anti-capitalist, it was just about creating an alternative that he liked. I think a lot of people can relate to that.

Adebisi Shank joined us in the second half to talk about their album This Is The Album of a Band Called Adebisi Shank which The Shank are releasing this Friday the 26th of September in The Boom Boom Room. Joining them on Friday night for 10 euro only are Kidd Blunt and Realistic Train. And The Boom Boom Room has a new home by the way. The Shank are one of my favourite all time Irish bands and definitely up in my top 3 of favourite live bands. They’re ‘mazing. We listened to four or five tracks from the album on the show, and they proved their DIYness by quoting Home Improvement as their favourite TV show. Inspiring stuff indeed.

Without further ado, here is the mp3 of the DIY special. Prepare to be inspired. I want to see a visible increase of fanzines around town!


Thursday 18th September DIY Special featuring Adebisi Shank

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DIY Special ce soir…

September 18, 2008 at 12:36 pm (The Show)

Do tune in this evening when we will be having a bit of DIY session.

We are to be joined by a bevvy of beautific guests including Barry Armed Ambitions / Organised Ideas, Sinead Seomra Spraoi All Ages, Dylan Hideaway House and Niall McGuirk from Hope.

We’ll be talking about what it means to be DIY, we’ll be playing some tunes from the guests’ favourite DIY bands, and we’ll be talking about the film of the poster at the top of this post.  It’s a documentary about the DIY scene directed by Dylan Hideaway House and will be shown for the first time this Saturday at 12pm in IFI for a very reasonable price of free.  Deadly.

In the latter half of the show we will be joined by the mighty Adebisi Shank, who will be telling us all about their soon to be released debut album.  Yahoo!

Click here to download the show from last year when the lads joined us to talk about their EP release.  Only Mick drummer and Vinny bassist came down that time and what a laugh we had.  However, I’ve warned them if Lar guitar doesn’t come down I will refuse to play their tracks.  I mean it, too.

So tune in tonight between 9pm and 11pm on 103.2 Dublin City FM or through the live web-stream.

If you’re out at the free K! Club in Thomas Read’s of Dame Street tonight, see you down there after the show!

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It’s the remix…

September 17, 2008 at 12:55 pm (The Show)

PCP and Sixfoot Apprentice on the indie hour by Ian Oliver

Ay-up. Another mp3 awaits you below, this time being our remix special when we were joined Angela Hard Working Class Heroes, Grand Pocket Orchestra, as well as by Sixfoot Apprentice, PCP and Co and Fatz Super Extra Bonus Party.

We spoke to Angela Dorgan from last weekend’s HWCH festival at the beginning of the show as well as Grand Pocket Orchestra, who played an excellent set (or so I was told after Kraftwerk) on the Saturday night of the festival. We heard Ballet Shoes taken from GPO’s up-coming EP as well as New Amusement’s Gone to Sea from their EP Any Port In A Storm. Feck it anyway, I can’t remember what we played first on the show. No doubt it was brilliant.

Sixfoot (aka Declan) and PCP (aka Colm) shared with us their insights on remixes and played through a few favourites as well as originals.

Sixfoot’s choices were Modeselektor’s remix of Thom Yorke’s Skip Divided taken from The Eraser Remixes and the mash-up Pixie P by Irish lad Pasta Masta. We also played his own mashup featuring Heatwave, Mary J Blige, Krinjah and Sixfoot Apprentice.

PCP brought down the Bass Cleff remix of Fiery Furnaces’ Slaving Away and Tricky’s Brand New Retro as remixed by Alex Reese. From his own work he brought down the PCP deck mash of Cocteau Twins Vs Enduser entitled A Kissed Out Red M16 Machine Gun. At least I think that’s what it’s called!

I chose to the DFA remix of MIA’s Paper Planes as well as my favourite mash-up of all time: Broken Social Scene featuring R Kelly with Shoreline/I’m A Flirt. Bloody brilliant.

To finish off the show, like a cherry on top of an imaginary ice-cream sundae, we were joined by Co and Fatz Super Extra Bonus Party, who shared with us a few tracks from their soon to be released as a free download remix album Appetite for Reconstruction. And we had a bit of a giggle in between the tracks.

Don’t forget to join them on the 10th of October in Andrew’s Lane Theatre for the launch of the album when they’ll be joined by shitloads of Ireland’s best acts. It’s going to be a cracking night.

Here you are now – let me know if you have any trouble downloading it as it’s a little fatter than usual. It’s more plump than obese in mp3 terms though so you should be ok.



Remix Special feat Sixfoot Apprentice, PCP and Super Extra Bonus Party 11th September

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The Vinny Club is Bono

September 15, 2008 at 4:40 pm (The Show)

The Vinny Club at HWCH by Damo unabashedly stolen from nialler9

What a blinkin’ fun weekend. Back in work on Monday morning is always a joy. Especially after a few days of HWCH and Kraftwerk.

Here are my highlights of the weekend:

The Last Tycoons in Button Factory on Friday night, the first band I saw and a new one to listen out for. Making country music sound good again. They were great.

Everyone sitting down at Chequerboard. Lovely.

Seeing SEBP again after their little hiatus from gigs – even if it was a little quiet in Meeting House Square. Whatever, we still danced. Looking forward to the launch of their remix album in ALT on 10th October. Cracking line-up too.

David Turpin’s hilarious between song banter in Dame Lane. V good.

Kraftwerk, obviously. I don’t even need to say anything. Nialler has the low down here.

Sunday was overall heaps of fun as I returned to Temple Bar for the last night of HWCH. Despite the shocking weather, there were a good few folks about with good reports about the night before. I got to see New Amusement, One Day International, Robotnik, Heathers (said by many to be the highlight of the festival), So Cow and Spook of the Thirteenth Lock. I was particularly chuffed that I made it to the last band’s set, even though it was in Dame Lane, which I don’t think works well as a venue, but The Spook managed to wake up the room. I was reminded how much I like their album when I was recommending everyone I met to go and see them. Excellent band.

Obviously the major highlight was invading the stage at The Vinny Club’s surprise set at Doran’s last night, especially since I’d missed him on Sunday. What a class act.

The only thing that worried me this year was that HWCH seemed slightly quieter than previous years, making me wonder if maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea having it in the one spot after all. It was fun to run around to the venues but I think I had suffered from a bit of nostalgia rose-tinting of the Temple Bar days, as inevitably I missed a good few bands that I would’ve liked to see through the running around and not having the time to go over The Academy to see Dublin Duck Dispensary and get back in time for SEBP.

Overall though, I love HWCH and I think it’s such a great opportunity for people to check out some great bands. Everyone involved did some job in getting everything off the ground, and I hope they were happy with the festival this year. Long may it continue.

Speaking of The Vinny Club, he is playing in his other incarnation as bass player of Adebisi Shank along with Heathers tonight in Hideaway House in Deansgrange. If I was able to get some kind of hangover curing brain transplant I would be there but sadly, this probably won’t happen. Shit balls anyway, it’s going to be a bloody great gig.

Was nice to meet the lovely blogger heads as usual – Darragh, Ian, Loreana, Gareth and Brendan Analogue, Karl Geese, Bobby and Nay. And good to meet the bands too that have featured on the indie hour over the years – but I am holding Dave Halves personally responsible for my shambolic state today. He gave me a load of his beer tokens last night as he was too hanging to use them. It’s all his fault.

Any reports yourselves about the weekend?

The mp3 of last week’s show will be up on the blog tomorrow I’d say…

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The Indie Hours…erm…

September 11, 2008 at 12:53 pm (The Show)

I can haz journo?

Shit. Just realised my indie Hour is temporarily plural. Never mind.

Last Thursday was a ball, when The Indie Hour returned from a quiet August to a two hour slot on our beloved Dublin City 103.2 FM.

Below is the mp3 (especially big this week – 106MB) featuring Brian from Halves, Una Rocks, nialler9, Johnnie Craig, Fenster and One Day International, and squillions of great tunes squashed in between.

We started off with Kiss With a Fist from Florence and The Machine whose set I thoroughly enjoyed at The Electric Picnic – keep an ear out for an as yet released (or recorded) debut album. We followed that be fellow Picnicer Jape with Phil Lynott from Ritual and Laura Marling’s Ghosts taken from her debut Alas I Cannot Swim. From the Picnic line-up, Una played Crystle Castles’ Lovers Who Uncover and Niall chose the fuppin’ deadly Two Steps, Twice from Foals who truly lived up to expectations at Stradbally. Absolutely class.

I asked my four journo/bloggers to bring down some upcoming Irish releases they were excited about. For Una it was Fight Like Apes’ Lumpy Dough taken from their much deliberated-over debut Fight Like Apes & The Mystery of The Golden Medallion, which will be released with a show in Whelans on 26th of September. The Apes are also playing at HWCH this weekend on the Saturday night in Meeting House Square. Deadly.

Johnnie’s choice was The Blizzards with the title track from their second album (You Can’t Stop) The Domino Effect. The Domino Effect will be released tomorrow, Friday the 12th of September.

Niall went with Halfset’s Work from the album Another Way of Being There, which will be released on October 3rd with a show in The Sugar Club on the 27th of September. Fenster went with Mo-T and a track called I Haven’t Looked Back Since which is an untypically electro track from the Coolock MC.

After we bid adieu to the journos, we were joined in studio by One Day International to talk us through til 11pm. Matt, Danny and Eimear told us about the recording of their debut Blackbird, which will be released on 3rd of October with a show in Whelan’s. From the album, we listened to Sleeping on Trains, Black Is The Bird and Closed Doors. One Day International will be playing at The Button Factory on Sunday night at 8.45pm as part of the HWCH festival.

Right click on the link below if you’d like to download it or simply listen to it through the blog. But you know that already. Hope you enjoy!


Thursday 4th September Journalists, Halves and One Day International

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Remix Special tonight…

September 11, 2008 at 12:20 pm (The Show)

Mike and Fatz Super Extra Bonus Party with their local shopkeep Ciaran.

Do tune in this evening between 9 and 11pm to 103.2 Dublin City FM. Tonight we’re going to talking about remixes. With the help of a few indie hour friends, we’ll be taking you on a magical journey through the land of remixes – what is a remix, how does one make a remix, and the phenomenon of a remix being better than the original.

We’ll be joined on the latter half of the show by a few Super Extra Bonus Partyers to talk about their up-coming remix album release on the 10th of October in Andrew’s Lane Theatre, as well as their HWCH gig tomorrow night (Friday) in Meeting House Square. Huzzah.

Earlier in the show we’ll be talking to Angela Dorgan about HWCH as well as Grand Pocket Orchestra, who are playing on Saturday at 8.15pm at Andrew’s Lane Theatre, one of the six venues taking part in this weekend’s festival of fun.  We also have one pair of tickets to give away to the festival so do tune in to find out how to get your paws on them.

Talk to you at 9pm this evening so – don’t worry if you miss it, the mp3 will be up on the blog in a few days.

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A Vinny Club Robot Train

September 11, 2008 at 11:56 am (The Show)

Ponytail say cheese!

Had an unreasonable amount of fun for a Wednesday night last night in Whelan’s of Wexford Street.  The Vinny Club and the always brilliant Rarely Seen Above Ground supported Baltimore’s ridiculously fun Ponytail.  My cheeks were sore at the end of the gig after smiling so much as a reaction to the sheer joy emanating from the pixie esque frontwoman.  Great tunes as well.  Another group to add to my wedding band list (along with Dan Deacon, Girl Talk, Adebisi Shank…yeh, they’ll all be there…)

I missed the first band that were on and didn’t catch their name, holla at me if you can fill me in.  As soon as Vinny came to the stage dressed as The Ultimate Warrior with a (possibly fake) buff bod, the worries of the day filtered away into nothingness.  Or silliness rather.  Vinny had half of the room involved in a Robot Train.

To find out what a Robot Train is, I suggest you check him out in Andrew’s Lane this Saturday night at 8.55pm, as part of this weekend’s Hard Working Class Heroes Festival.

Once again, I’m looking forward to a weekend of checking out Irish bands, and although I enjoyed the festival at the POD complex last year, I’m chuffed that we get to temporarily reclaim Temple Bar from the hen parties from Sunderland and terrorise the tourists with our music nerddom.  Yeah.

Over on State they’ve got a good recommended listening list and you’ll find the full line-up and timetable over here.  €20 for a one day ticket and €45 for the weekend – it’s a bargain.

I’ll be back with you later today with the mp3 from last week’s show as well as info about our show tonight…stay tuned!

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Return of the Mc…ROFL LOLZERS!

September 5, 2008 at 5:28 pm (The Show) ()

Ahhh….body and soul…

Oh what fun we had last night on our return to the indie hour.  After a four week break, we had a delicious return to the airwaves in the form of a new two hour slot.  The indie hour will be broadcasting live from 9pm to 11pm until October, and we plan to cram loads of juicy stuff into each two hour slot for the next three weeks.

Last night we were joined by bloggers and journalists Una Rocks, nialler9, Johnnie Craig and Fenster to talk about the Electric Picnic, up-coming Irish releases and what it’s like to write about music for a living/out of passion.

One Day International joined us to talk about their up-coming debut album Blackbird which will be released on October 3rd with a gig in Whelan’s the same night.

Brian from Halves also popped in for a chat over the telephone to talk about their appearance at the Stradbally festival last Saturday.

I’m off to Clare for Cois Fharraige in about twenty minutes so I will do my best to get the podcast from last night up on the blog sometime early next week.

It’s nice to be back.

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