The Vinny Club is Bono

September 15, 2008 at 4:40 pm (The Show)

The Vinny Club at HWCH by Damo unabashedly stolen from nialler9

What a blinkin’ fun weekend. Back in work on Monday morning is always a joy. Especially after a few days of HWCH and Kraftwerk.

Here are my highlights of the weekend:

The Last Tycoons in Button Factory on Friday night, the first band I saw and a new one to listen out for. Making country music sound good again. They were great.

Everyone sitting down at Chequerboard. Lovely.

Seeing SEBP again after their little hiatus from gigs – even if it was a little quiet in Meeting House Square. Whatever, we still danced. Looking forward to the launch of their remix album in ALT on 10th October. Cracking line-up too.

David Turpin’s hilarious between song banter in Dame Lane. V good.

Kraftwerk, obviously. I don’t even need to say anything. Nialler has the low down here.

Sunday was overall heaps of fun as I returned to Temple Bar for the last night of HWCH. Despite the shocking weather, there were a good few folks about with good reports about the night before. I got to see New Amusement, One Day International, Robotnik, Heathers (said by many to be the highlight of the festival), So Cow and Spook of the Thirteenth Lock. I was particularly chuffed that I made it to the last band’s set, even though it was in Dame Lane, which I don’t think works well as a venue, but The Spook managed to wake up the room. I was reminded how much I like their album when I was recommending everyone I met to go and see them. Excellent band.

Obviously the major highlight was invading the stage at The Vinny Club’s surprise set at Doran’s last night, especially since I’d missed him on Sunday. What a class act.

The only thing that worried me this year was that HWCH seemed slightly quieter than previous years, making me wonder if maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea having it in the one spot after all. It was fun to run around to the venues but I think I had suffered from a bit of nostalgia rose-tinting of the Temple Bar days, as inevitably I missed a good few bands that I would’ve liked to see through the running around and not having the time to go over The Academy to see Dublin Duck Dispensary and get back in time for SEBP.

Overall though, I love HWCH and I think it’s such a great opportunity for people to check out some great bands. Everyone involved did some job in getting everything off the ground, and I hope they were happy with the festival this year. Long may it continue.

Speaking of The Vinny Club, he is playing in his other incarnation as bass player of Adebisi Shank along with Heathers tonight in Hideaway House in Deansgrange. If I was able to get some kind of hangover curing brain transplant I would be there but sadly, this probably won’t happen. Shit balls anyway, it’s going to be a bloody great gig.

Was nice to meet the lovely blogger heads as usual – Darragh, Ian, Loreana, Gareth and Brendan Analogue, Karl Geese, Bobby and Nay. And good to meet the bands too that have featured on the indie hour over the years – but I am holding Dave Halves personally responsible for my shambolic state today. He gave me a load of his beer tokens last night as he was too hanging to use them. It’s all his fault.

Any reports yourselves about the weekend?

The mp3 of last week’s show will be up on the blog tomorrow I’d say…



  1. Nay said,

    Great to see you again! Been too long!

    I think your fella’s stellar turn with Vinny was my ultimate highlight: good on Loreana for egging him on! I officially ‘heart’ Vinny after seeing him live at last: what pure energy and crowd control!
    For me the weekend centred on Friday’s being spat on by De Salvo in Doran’s, the great vibe of The Revellions playing in the dark followed by bouffant Class of 1984 @ Academy and Mick SEBP’s norty t-shirt…where do I get me wunna dem? 😀
    BATS brilliance in MHS on Saturday – great to see them on a big stage but the shattering volume was sorely missed. My buds Noise Control were in great form over on Abbey St too…Frightened Rabbit rounded out the studio sound of their MSO album in ALT too.
    Sunday was almost nightmarish as the rain came down in buckets but like you mentioned, there’s an appeal in the venue-hopping. One Day International were so mesmerising I almost forgot to take pictures!

  2. aoifemc said,

    Hey Nay – Nialler’s Edge impression was one of my highlights too! Great to see you too and glad you had a good weekend. See you soon!

  3. Dave said,

    You’re more than welcome Aoife. 🙂
    (Weren’t One DI and Heathers great? Very Rufus vibe off the former…..)

  4. aoifemc said,

    Dave – you’re a bad man 🙂
    One Day International are wonderful as are Heathers. They were both really great.

  5. Off Her Rocker » Blog Archive » Post-HWCH08-Post said,

    […] Aoife McIndie shares her thoughts  […]

  6. Bren said,

    Hey Aoife, Nice bumping into you too. Argh stayed out far too late though and getting up at 8 the next morning wasn’t pretty… Come to our launch party this Saturday at 11pm in POGO if you’re around. Got Nouveau Noise, Storkboy CHoons and Colours Move playing. It’ll be followed up by a stomping dj set from Aero vs. Moro (aka Aoghan and Darragh). It’d be great to see ya there….

  7. jakep said,

    Frightened Rabbit were definitely my weekend highlight. Apparently lost all their equipment on the way over and still played a stunning set. Come back soon Rabbit !

  8. aoifemc said,

    Hey Jakep
    Heard they were great all right. Hope they come back too!

  9. Karl said,

    I love that Gareth and Bren are always mentioned as a dynamic duo. This was a lot of fun, apart from losing yet another bag full of shit in the Academy. Oh well.

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