September 25, 2008 at 12:20 pm (The Show)

Do tune in tonight on 103.2 Dublin City FM from 9 to 11pm, for our last two hour show.  The Moshpit are back from their holliers next week so we’ll be shaving it back down to just one indie hour.  It’s been a helluvalotta fun having two hours and I want to say thanks again to the folks who came down over the last three weeks and helped me pull off some pretty interesting radio shit.  I think it’s been interesting anyway.

Tonight we’ll be joined by Skinny Wolves who are going to be giving us an insight into their label and promotion operation/arts collective.  We’ll be playing through tracks released on the label and we’ll be talking about the rake of gigs they’ve got planned in the coming month.

In the second half we’ll be talking to Halfset about the pending release of their album Another Way of Being There.

Don’t worry if you’re nowhere near a wireless tonight – you can listen on line through the website or you can wait til the weekend is through and Adebisi Shank have played and it’ll be up on the blog as an mp3, especially for you.


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