RIP The Indie Hour

January 16, 2009 at 6:43 pm (The Show)


Aoife Mc in the Dublin City FM studios with Brazilian guests

Hello there.  I think this may be my last post on this blog.

Sometime between debating whether to eat the brussel sprouts or not and having my seven millionth mince pie over Christmas, I decided that, what with the New Year and all, it was perhaps time to let go of The Indie Hour on Dublin City FM.

I’ve been putting on the show every Thursday night since June of 2004.  In that time, I’ve had an absolute blast.  I got to witness first hand the most recent growth of our own home-grown music scene.  Although I’m sure it’s the same for anyone who is involved in music during a certain time frame, I felt that I witnessed a pretty exciting time in Irish music.

When I started the show, all those many moons ago (gather round children), we were at the tailend of our tolerance of singer-songwriters.  Some of the better singer-songwriters (like Robotnik then known simply as Chris Morrin) found Korgs somewhere and started making bleepy noises to go along with the tales of heartbreak.  I got a demo from a band called Super Extra Bonus Party who had a bleedin’ Brazilian MC and sent hilarious letters with their CDs.  I had a really funny show with The Butterfly Explosion where EVERYTHING went wrong (I only realised when we were on air that I didn’t have any headphones, two of the mics weren’t working, and I played a track from their EP which was the one they had planned to play live in the studio.  Big time cringe).

Jinx Lennon visited us on average once every year to talk about bubble electricians, Fight Like Apes came down after the release of their first EP and again before the release of their album, The Jimmy Cake came in for a chat (well, not ALL of them obviously) and RSAG blew me away both times he came on.  Mumblin’ Deaf Ro provided us with what is still my favourite interview of the whole four years.  Then there was the Adebisi Shank and BATS of this world, who were LOUD.  And deadly.  And The Vinny Club gave out to me live on air for not listening to all the demos that I got in the post.

Through the show I’ve met some great people and got to talk a whole load of shite in front of a microphone (after about the first year I kind of forgot that people were actually listening).  I made the decision to call it a day really because I felt that personally I’d taken it as far as I could.  It was starting to feel like a teeny weeny bit of a burden and I never, ever wanted it to be like that.  It has been the most fantastic and fun and brilliant hobby and I wanted to stop when I still felt like that.

However, those of you who simply can not live without hearing my bizarre trans-atlantic dulcet tones (I grew up in Saudi Arabia, that is my explanation for my accent) fear not, as I plan to pop up on various podcasts here and there.

You can of course check out the monthly nialler9 podcasts, and I hope to be moving the indie hour format to a monthly podcast to be hosted on nialler9 as well.  How does that sound?

Before I sign off here, although I will still be blogging in some form or other – I was toying with the idea of starting a food blog – I’d just like to thank a few people for their support of the indie hour, as a show and a blog:

Ian Oliver, Mary Healy, Niall, unarocks, Fenster, sinead gleeson, nay, the good people at CLUAS, Allen from The Ballroom of Romance, Barry ‘Stress 7 inch’ Lennon from The Richter Collective, Cillian, Declan and Richie at Kaboogie!, Damien Mulley, The Lovely Girls at Entertainment Architects, the lads over at EgoEccentric, Thrill Pier, Darragh and Loreana, Jim Carroll, The New(ish) Journalism and Rapture Ponies.  There are lots more people but I’ll stop there.

One last big massive thank you to all the bands who made the effort to come down to the East Wall Studios and have a chat about their music.  Without them, the show wouldn’t have been as good as I like to think that it was.

The archives from the shows from the last two years are up on the web, and I’d be really happy to think that people would like to peruse and listen to them for some time to come.

The last show I did with guests was before Christmas with the bloody amazing Heathers, who released my favourite Irish album of the last four and a half years last year with Here, Not There. Between Christmas, moving house, the recession, and going to the gym, I haven’t managed to put that up on the blog yet, so I’ll get that up on our podcast archive as soon as I find which unpacked cardboard box it is in. Word.

So, it’s not really goodbye…it’s see you later.  *sniff!*



  1. gabbagabbahey said,

    with no Road Records or Indie Hour, the Dublin indie scene will surely be getting smaller.

    at least you got (a lot) of enjoyment out of all those years, though!

  2. gabbagabbahey said,

    I didn’t just randomly connect those two establishments in my mind, by the way – practically all the Irish music I bought from Road I heard about through/on your show.

  3. Evil_bob said,

    I suppose if you feel like you have to then you must but I’m sad now.

    By the way I too grew up partly in Saudi Arabia. And I have a bit of a posh accent. Wonder if thats where its from.

  4. raptureponies said,

    Awwww.. the times really are changin; peace out lady, the offer of tea is open anytime.

  5. The Indie Hour that was « Raptureponies said,

    […] The Indie Hour that was Posted on January 17, 2009 by raptureponies It’s happenin’ all over… sad to say Aoife’s saying see you later… […]

  6. Tom said,

    ah no… sorry to see the show end. good luck with your future projects

  7. donal said,

    That’s sad to hear but hopefully you’ll continue the format somewhere else as I can only download the podcast anyway. Don’t stay away too long though!!

  8. aoifemc said,

    Hey Gabba – thanks for the lovely words. So glad that the show pointed you in the direction of road records. I’m pretty sad their closing – have to go in for a big spending splurge before they go!

    Evil Bob – the poshness probably comes from the expat upbringing, for sure!

    Thanks Rapture Ponies, Tom and Donal! I won’t be away too long, promise!

  9. Sinéad said,

    Aoife – so sorry to hear this.

    I second what Gabba said re Indie Hour and Road. Two important outlets in one week – that’s a real blow for bands who relied on them. Well done you on all your hard work on something that was very obviously a labour of love but sounded so professional.

    Be sure and let me know when you’re back blogging in another incarnation.

  10. aoifemc said,

    Thanks Sinead. As soon as I’m back blogging, I’ll be commenting on your musical rooms!

  11. darr said,

    Sorry to hear it too, Aoife. I liked the podcast and what you did for the musicians out there who needed the coverage. Glad to see you’re not giving up though. Also, fair play on all the work to date. Four years? Wow. The only thing I’ve done consistently for four years is breathe – and I’m often woeful at that too!

    Well done and looking forward to reading/hearing you soon 🙂

  12. Fair thee well The Indie Hour | nialler9 Music Blog | MP3s | Videos | Reviews said,

    […] four years and about 200 shows, Aoife Mc has decided to reclaim her Thursday nights and will no longer be broadcasting at 9pm on Du…. I’ve said it before here but she has been directly responsible for getting me into bands […]

  13. vinny said,

    “I hope to be moving the indie hour format to a monthly podcast to be hosted on nialler9 as well. How does that sound?”

    That sounds fuckin DEADLY

    Thank you for the music, Indie Hour 4 life

  14. Good On Paper said,

  15. Laura said,

    Hi Aoife,

    Was genuinely saddened to hear about the demise of the Indie Hour, the Irish music scene (God it’s impossible to say that without sounding like an arse) really is much the worser off without it. From reading Niall’s post it sounds like you’re on your way to bigger and better things, so best of luck with that and well deserved it is too.


  16. Chris said,

    Hey Aoife,

    really sorry to hear that the show is ending, a real shame. The first two people ever to show any interest in our band were you and Dave from Road Records. God it’s been a shite week for the under-the-radar music scene and your show will be sorely missed. We’ll get you a pint to say thanks next time we see you out! Looking forward to hearing what you do next, all the best


  17. Eddie said,

    Thanks for introducing me to great music Aoife…I will be downloading more than a few of those archived shows so please keep em up for the time being! Wonderful DJ – I do hope you continue with other related projects.

  18. Leigh O'Gorman said,

    sad day aoife, sad day, but it happens unfortunately
    see you in a couple of months

  19. unarocks said,

    NOSIES! Really sad to see the Indie Hour end dude. Thank you for the music.


  20. Ronan said,

    All the best in the future and looking forward to hearing the new monthly podcast format

    The indie hour will be sorely missed though

  21. tenacioustimothy said,

    Damn- will miss those podcasts and the excellent new bands you had on the show! Best of luck in whatever you have lined up and hope to see around the blogosphere if not at a gig!

  22. Clockwork Rob said,

    Tis a damn shame- sorry to see the show go!

    Best of luck with your next move- looking forward to these newfangled podcasts!

  23. Dave (halves) said,

    Sorry to hear that Aoife,
    Your show was always great fun/educational!
    Looking forward to the podcasts and the like……

  24. aoifemc said,

    Awwww!! Thanks a million folks! For all the kind words and the support. Means a lot to me.

  25. Darragh said,

    i am so sorry to hear this aoife. I really enjoy your blogs. Keep writing eh? And a food blog is an excellent idea methinks

  26. adam said,

    adios,’s been emotional.

  27. Matt Vinyl said,

    Another one bites the dust. Well done over the last four years or so. Enjoy the break!

  28. Matt Vinyl said,

    PS – I won’t be arsed reading a food blog but I’ll read any new venture if there’s music in it somewhere.

  29. LoLo said,

    Awhh Aoife you absolute legend. Really sad to see you leave the blogosphere (can’t believe I just used that word!!!) I wish you all the best and seriously consider that food blog! Me and D would be glued to it! Hehe. See you soon for some bia and chats. Hugs xx

  30. aoifemc said,

    Hey Darragh and Lolo – the food blog is definitely in the pipeline, been cooking like mad since we got our new gaffe!

    Matt Vinyl – I was thinking of putting up mp3s on the food blog of what I listened to while I cooked. Would that interest you? I stole the idea from Darragh. Heh heh.

    Adam – thanking you!

  31. Aoife B said,

    Sorry to hear you’re finishing up Aoife, best of luck with everything in the future, glad to know that you’ll be doing more podcasting and I’m sure that we’ll hear you on radio again soon! Well done on all you achieved with the Indie Hour.
    Aoife B x

  32. fergal said,

    gutted to hear this, i looked forward to your podcast every week.. thanks tho and hope to hear you on the radio again soon! best of luck

  33. Gearoid said,

    Hey there Aoife, sorry to hear it’s the end of the indie hour. As an ex-pat now living in New Zealand, it was through your show (via podcast) that i came across most of the newer irish artists who’ve appeared since i left. Some of the interview were hillarious too. And through your brazilian night i found out about the wonderful tropicalia album, as well as other treats. Excellent stuff.

    Glad to hear you’ll be keeping some form of podcast going. Hope you have a great time doing whatever you have planned next.

    Cheers, G

  34. diplah said,

    Best of luck with what ever you do next, Aoife, us Cake had a blast on your wireless show, expecially when you left the mic on and took that phone call!

    as everyone says, the “scene” is getting smaller. still, nothing like a recession to get people writing.

  35. Nay said,

    Aaaaaaw well this is a bit shoyt all royt. Boooo to life, boo to bills and boooooo to burdens. You’re a fucking legend missus and brought so much to the Irish circuit, always one step ahead with great guests, music, interesting and hilarious interviews, and of course, how could we forget your unparalelled excellence when it came to sourcing the most apt blog-pix on the web.

    I shall keep you as a model of how to be the hot stuff blogger. Twas the hot stuff of Irish music blogs. The pinnacle of podcasts. And I shall see you at another gig, and waffle ears off, and hug you loads.
    Ya feckin star, all the very best xx

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  37. Fair thee well The Indie Hour | Wiz Kid Reports said,

    […] four years and about 200 shows, Aoife Mc has decided to reclaim her Thursday nights and will no longer be broadcasting at 9pm on Du…. I’ve said it before here but she has been directly responsible for getting me into bands […]

  38. aoifemc said,

    Hi Aoife B – thanks a mill and thanks for your kind words on your own blog!

    Fergal – cheers!

    Diplah – ah yes. There were some cringy times on the indie hour due to my lack of multi-taksing!! Was a pleasure to have you lot on, lots of fun.

    Gearoid – really glad that you enjoyed the podcasts, thanks for the kind words!

    Nay – thanks for always being a great supporter. Best of luck with all your stuff and sure, I’ll see you soon!

  39. Sixfoot Apprentice said,

    you will be missed!!!

    great show….. great blog …… my bookmarks folder wont be the same without ya, eef!


  40. Jim Carroll said,

    Best of luck with whatever you decide to do in the future

  41. Allen said,

    Hi Aoife,

    Thanks again for the countless plugs. Well done on running a quality show for a long time and best of luck with your future endeavours!

  42. jen said,

    Sorry to hear it’s the end of an era but best of luck with whatever you decide to do next 🙂

  43. aidan said,

    Sorry to hear that: your blog was a good way for expats (e.g. me) to find about about new Irish tunes. Whatever about your radio show, perhaps your Blog Awards nomination will persuade you to keep writing 🙂

  44. Dave said,

    Ahh, bad, bad news, but glad to see you’re leaving on your own terms rather than being Night Shifted (Shafted?).

    I’m not sure where I will find the material for my over-researched bios of Irish bands now. I suppose I’ll have to actually speak to them myself! Good luck with the new pursuits etc.

  45. Cormac-out-of-Stoat said,


    Ah only messing – sorry to hear your going off the air, dear, will be listening to the podcasts

  46. Mike said,

    Hi Aoife,

    Really sorry to hear the Indie Hour is finished up, but all good things come to an end I suppose. I always enjoyed the great music on your show, accompanied by your relaxed, elegant radio style. Best of luck in the future and I’m sure we’ll see you around town.

    All the best,
    Mike (from Groom)

  47. thelavatorialreview said,

    God, everyone is so bloody nice! I’m glad its over, it was rubbish. Hurry up and get off my airwaves ya big American sounding slag, and don’t bother with a podcast, you’ll only keep licking the microphone and screwing it up.

    (hope you realise i’m joking. love you loads, Indie Hour Forever xxxx)

  48. Release said,

    Hey Aoife
    Wishing you well, in what ever endeavors you’re up to now.
    Must have been hard to let the Indie Hour go

    From the pair you used to bump into every Thurs
    Mick & Dee
    Release, Dublin City FM

  49. rdlp715 said,

    OK youve had your time off, return to us!

    Or… the fact I still miss the read and podcasts reminds me how excellent it was.

    Best of luck Ms McIndieHour

  50. Darragh said,

    Interesting that Mumblin’ Deaf row was just nominated for the Choice Music Prize.

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