Good evening, you’re listening to the indie hour…is how we usually start the indie hour every Thursday night from 9pm to 10pm on 103.2 Dublin City FM. The indie hour has been broadcasting on the community special interest station in Dublin for nearly four years (fucking hell! we’re getting old etc).

In that time, we’ve had the pleasure of talking to some of the best in up and coming, independent and undependent Irish acts, such as Miriam Ingram, Channel One, Noise Control, Super Extra Bonus Party, Jenny Lindfors, Adebisi Shank, Dark Room Notes, Dry County, Terrordactyl, Mumblin’ Deaf Ro, The Jimmy Cake, The Happy Gang, Gavin Glass, Straglers, Jinx Lennon, Niall James Holohan, Robotnik, Rarely Seen Above Ground, White Noise, NC Lawlor, Benjamin Kritikos, Kill City Defectors, Adrian Crowley, Michael Knight, Julie Feeney, The Camembert Quartert, Tadhg Cooke, The Mighty Stef, The Ministry of Musical Science & Melody, The Blood Red Mountain Band and many, many more.

Now, it’s true – we are called The Indie Hour. But we’re not all about the tight skinny jeans and jangling guitars. The emphasis is on good, honest folk trying to get their music heard, and that usually entails an independent way. Without concentrating on any one genre of music, we like to highlight a different group every week, sit them down in our East Wall Road studios (Dublin 3 glamour innit?) with a cuppa and have a good old chinwag about their music, the scene, the industry, and anything else they see fit to share with us.

The Lovely Mary Healy provides an informative gig guide, as well as stealing the hearts of many a male guest on the show, most notably Robotnik, who recently proposed to her live on air. She said no. The Wonderful Ian Oliver takes pics of our guests every week, which are published on this blog as well as our myspace. We also have our music consultant supreme in the form of King of the Bloggers Nialler9, who recommends a track for us every week.

I have always wanted more people to hear the show. I reckon that there are people who would be genuinely interested in hearing the bands on the indie hour but are not inclined to listen to the radio. And so it was decided to create the indie hour podcast. I say create – really what we will be doing on this blog is making the indie hour shows available after every week’s show in a podcast format. Huzzah!

And so, my dears – I hope you enjoy. Do leave a comment and let us know what you think. And do go to the bands’ pages via the links on our featured bands page. It wouldn’t be possible for us to have a show like the indie hour if the quality of music being made by independent bands in Ireland wasn’t as high as it is. We are very proud to play a part, however small, in promoting the hard work, passion and music of these bands, and we’re delighted that perhaps, via the internet, that more people will be able to hear even just a small percentage of some of the great bands that are operating in Ireland at the moment. Long may it continue! Blub!


  1. aidan said,

    Hi Aoife, I’ve just noticed that you’ve put ‘French Letter’ on your blogroll – thanks a million for that, very kind of you. I’ve got a link to yours on mine, so hopefully you’re getting lots of posts and comments in comedy French accents, requests for Johnny Hallyday, etc ;D

    I really like your posts, so if your radio show is even half as interesting and well-made then I’m sure it’s a cracker! Keep up the good work.

    All the best from Pareeee,


  2. aoifemc said,

    Johnny Hallyday – what a legend!
    Merci Aidan!

  3. frankp said,

    Greetings from Cork – I came across your blog through IrishBlogs.ie and I was looking for an email address for you to let you know about my site FestivalShirts.net which I thought *might* be of interest to you.

    I’m running a competition to win a free t-shirt at the mo:

    And I’d love a link. No bother if it’s not appropriate.

    Anyway, feel free to delete this comment, I just used the comment form in lieu of an email address!

    Many thanks,

  4. aoifemc said,

    Hey Frank
    Thanks for the message – I’ve seen your t-shirts via an UnaRocks link – they’re deadly!
    Free you say??

  5. Johnny Beirne said,

    Just found your blog and I like.

  6. aoifemc said,

    Ta very much Johnny

  7. PJoe said,

    “It wouldn’t be possible for me to have a show like the indie hour if the quality of music being made by independent bands in Ireland wasn’t as high as it is”

    ah, but whatever your show was about guess who’d listen in!

    the husband (houseband?)

  8. Spanky said,

    hmmm great podcast idea
    but only see podcast as a link to Itunes, on right here?

    There should be an mp3 file or xml file that you give Itunes, that you could also put here on the site?!
    Most people who have podcasts give such an alternative link..sorry if it’s here and have missed it!

    (don’t want to have to be a supporter of Apple Incorporated Itunes people!)

  9. Spanky said,

    ah.. ok seen some mp3 links in the blogroll :-O

    hit me slowly, hit me quick, hit me with your rhythm stick

  10. aoifemc said,

    PJoe – I’m puzzled by your comment.
    Spanky – glad you got yourself sorted!

  11. Emilie said,

    hey eefs mce

    hows things? I just came accross this page, fair play to you its so good!
    must catch up!


  12. misssarahjunefox said,

    hello thanks for the link!
    gotcha back

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