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A little mouse apologising to the blogging community on behalf of the indie hour. Sorry.

My blogging has been erratic of late. I’m sorry. Here are four excuses:

1. My day job is teaching tefl. As you may have noticed, Ireland is currently overrun by hordes of chattering Spanish kids. I’m teaching them. They take so much energy my fingers are too pooped to type at the end of the day 😦

2. I don’t have access to the internet at work.

3. My flat is an internet black spot and I have to use the USB modem thingy. It’s quite slow at the best of times, but at the moment it’s not working at all. Bum deal.

4. I went on my first hen weekend last weekend and it took a lot of preparation (L plates, condom-and-willie-covered-veils, the Penis Pokey book, etc) and is now taking a lot of recovery.

I’ve now got a back log of mp3s and I’m sorry about that.

The first mp3 is The Indie Hour Crash Course #2, when we were joined by a pretty incredible bunch of Irish songwriters. I met Jinx Lennon, Captain Moonlight, Mumblin’ Deaf Ro and Carly Sings in Dublin’s Central Hotel before I went away to Barcelona for Primavera. We had a wonderful chat about songwriting, with a focus on lyrics and how each of their different approaches to lyrics in their own music.

I was really excited about this show because I love all four of those artists, and I thought it was a unique opportunity to get all of them together. I was, however, slightly unhappy with the end result, as there was an unexpected amount of background noise which left me with no choice but to edit quite a lot of the good stuff that was said out of the piece.

The songs in it are great though. We played a track from each artist and they all recommended one as well. I think the programme worked well, but I don’t think I executed the idea as well as I could have done. Let me know what you think anyway.

So….really sorry that this is nearly a whole month late. The following mp3 was originally broadcast on Thursday the 5th of June. I hope you enjoy it.


The Indie Hour Crash Course #2: Lyrics

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Captain Moonlight, away!!

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The gardai who captured Captain Moonlight after the release of Dirty C*nts. Nah, not really.

It was great craic altogether having Captain Moonlight on the indie hour last Thursday. The Lovely Mary Healy is off in Boston for a few weeks and Ian Oliver was off gallavanting in Whelan’s for the Murphy’s Live show, so it was just myself and The Captain in the studio with a cuppa on a cold, January night.

We had a giggle reminiscing about Breakin’ and Breakin’ 2: The Electric Boogaloo, about MCing in Kilkenny and beyond, about that controversial song and about plans to get back into gigging now that his little son is nearly over teething.

We played through a few tracks, with only a few spatterings of swear words, from Agroculture Part 2. We listened to New Nazis, Party People, and The Plan from Captain Moonlight’s 2007 album, and we also listened to Jinx Lennon’s Fireplace-itis from Know Your Station Gouger Nation.

Captain Moonlight is supporting Jinx in The Sugar Club in Dublin this Thursday the 7th of February. If you haven’t made it to a Jinx show yet, this is your chance. As the Captain said in the interview, he’s one of the best live performers in the country. Here’s the video for StickyHead from Dundalk’s punk poet.

Have a listen here for the interview we did with Jinx back in May of last year.

Check out Captain Moonlight’s myspace for all the details of when he’ll be passing through a town near you with his brand of agro hip hop. He’ll be in Whelan’s on Saturday the 9th of February supporting Super Extra Bonus Party on the Dublin leg of their Everything Flows EP tour. I’ll be up the front for that one for sure.

After the show each week, I pop in to The Bernard Shaw on my way home for a post radio pint and to enjoy my buddies Miss Marcos and SpeakerTreatz on the decks at their weekly club Neon Love, which is on every Thursday in The Bernard Shaw and is free in. It was a busy night in The Bernard Shaw, full of lots of noisy nu-rave kids. Speakertreatz was asking me over the din who was on the show, and I said I had Captain Moonlight, a deadly MC from Kilkenny. He looked really surprised and he was like ‘Wow, that’s amazing, he must have a really interesting story, wow.’ I was a bit puzzled by his amazement, thinking he was being a bit of a Dublin-ite, being surprised that someone outside of the big smoke could make music. But then we figured out that when I said Kilkenny, he thought I said New Guinea. Oh, how we laughed.

We started last Thursday’s show with Odd Socks from Grand Pocket Orchestra’s self-titled debut EP, which was released yesterday the 1st of February on Fifa Records. Head to their myspace for details of the wide-reaching tour.

Nialler9 recommended Cassius, the forthcoming single from Foals’ album Antidotes, which will be released in late March 2008. Big congrats to nialler, who has made the longlists for Best Blog, Best Music Blog, Best Blog Post (for two posts – the infamous Go!Team one, and the Top Irish EP podcast) as well as Best Designed Blog. Check out the details of the Irish Blog Awards here, and congratulations to everyone who made it to the longlists!

Along with the mp3 of the show with Captain Moonlight, I’ve also put up Piss In Yer Trousers and God Complex from Agroculture Part 2, because I wanted to play them on the show but they were just too rude to play on the radio, even after 9pm. The only time I’ve ever had a complaint about language on the show was when Jinx Lennon sang Forgive The C*nts on the show a year or so ago. So I took that as an omen to not push it with his musical blood brother The Captain.

Get yourself a copy of Agroculture Part 1 and Part 2, they’ll make you happy.


Captain Moonlight Thursday 31st of January

Captain Moonlight – God Complex

Captain Moonlight – Piss In Yer Trousers

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