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A little mouse apologising to the blogging community on behalf of the indie hour. Sorry.

My blogging has been erratic of late. I’m sorry. Here are four excuses:

1. My day job is teaching tefl. As you may have noticed, Ireland is currently overrun by hordes of chattering Spanish kids. I’m teaching them. They take so much energy my fingers are too pooped to type at the end of the day 😦

2. I don’t have access to the internet at work.

3. My flat is an internet black spot and I have to use the USB modem thingy. It’s quite slow at the best of times, but at the moment it’s not working at all. Bum deal.

4. I went on my first hen weekend last weekend and it took a lot of preparation (L plates, condom-and-willie-covered-veils, the Penis Pokey book, etc) and is now taking a lot of recovery.

I’ve now got a back log of mp3s and I’m sorry about that.

The first mp3 is The Indie Hour Crash Course #2, when we were joined by a pretty incredible bunch of Irish songwriters. I met Jinx Lennon, Captain Moonlight, Mumblin’ Deaf Ro and Carly Sings in Dublin’s Central Hotel before I went away to Barcelona for Primavera. We had a wonderful chat about songwriting, with a focus on lyrics and how each of their different approaches to lyrics in their own music.

I was really excited about this show because I love all four of those artists, and I thought it was a unique opportunity to get all of them together. I was, however, slightly unhappy with the end result, as there was an unexpected amount of background noise which left me with no choice but to edit quite a lot of the good stuff that was said out of the piece.

The songs in it are great though. We played a track from each artist and they all recommended one as well. I think the programme worked well, but I don’t think I executed the idea as well as I could have done. Let me know what you think anyway.

So….really sorry that this is nearly a whole month late. The following mp3 was originally broadcast on Thursday the 5th of June. I hope you enjoy it.


The Indie Hour Crash Course #2: Lyrics

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Carly Sings for us…

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Aoife Mc and Carly Sings by Ian Oliver

So that picture of myself and Carly Sings looks a bit staged and cheesy. Oooh, we’re sharing the music etc. But actually what was happening is that I hadn’t heard Carly’s mastered version of her debut album The Glove Thief, and we were listening through the tracks to pick the ones to play on the show. And then Ian came out of nowhere and took our picture. Photographers are so sneaky.

I first heard Carly Sings when she performed an opening set for the excellent Halfset in The Sugar Club before Christmas. Shy songwriter she is not. She plays alone live, accompanying herself with a guitar. It’s not just her powerful voice that attracts, but also her composure and confidence on stage, especially when she sings the occasional rather shocking lyric. I heard that she was working with Stephen Shannon from Experimental Audio on an album, and I was looking forward to hearing the songs with full arrangements, and to see what the end result would be.

Carly came down to the studio on Thursday with rough mastered versions of her album, for an exclusive pre-view (or pre-listen) of the album which will be released in late March, early April. We talked about Carly’s very short but rich musical journey to date, about working with producers, being in love with synths and writing silly but sincere lyrics in French. Mon petite pois, indeed. We listened to The Only Human Left, L’Amour, George Emerson, and (my personal favourite) Eyes Closed from the album The Glove Thief.

We started the show with Crayonsmith’s Lost In The Forest, the first single taken from his second album White Wonder which will be released on 4th April on Out On A Limb Records. Lost In The Forest was released yesterday the 7th of March with a shindig in Whelan’s with support from Somadrone. Head to Crayonsmith’s myspace for details of his up-coming Irish tour.

Nialler9 recommended Time to Pretend from New York’s indie pagans MGMT, who are playing in The Academy in Dublin tonight. Looking forward to hearing Oracular Spectacular live. And it will be my first gig in The Academy (formerly known as Spirit).

We finished up the show with a quick chat from Phil Udell, editor of State Magazine, a.k.a. Ireland’s new music payload. He told us where the idea for the magazine came from, the process of getting it all together over the last couple of years, and rounding up some of the best new talents in music journalism.

We finished the show with Haunted Candle from The Jimmy Cake’s brilliant Spectre & Crown, which will be released in April of this year. The Jimmy Cake are featured in the first issue of State magazine, which should be on a shop shelf near you. Something that Phil made a point of was that Irish bands will be featured in the magazine, but not in a tokenistic way. Instead, State propose to treat Irish bands with the respect they deserve, and to actually write proper articles about them. Cool.

Here’s more of Carly Sings:

Check out the collection on Ian Oliver’s flickr page.

And here is the Carly Sings mp3.


Carly Sings Thursday 6th of March

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Carly Sings Tonight

March 6, 2008 at 5:20 pm (The Show) (, )

Carly Sings by Tom Burke

Do tune in this evening to Dublin City 103.2 FM at 9pm sharp, when we will be joined in studio by Carly Sings who will be talking us through the imminent release of her debut album The Glove Thief.

We will also be talking to Phil Udell about State magazine, which hit (most) shops today.

If you can’t catch us the old fashioned way on the wireless, have no fear as the mp3 will be available on this very blog in but a few days.

Right, I’m off to Tower Records on Wicklow St to catch Carly play an in-store at the State magazine party that’s been going on there today.  See you down there.

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