The Indie Hour Says Goodbye…

July 30, 2008 at 11:45 am (The Show) ()

Heathers – What’s Your Damage?

…to badly updated blogging.  And, yes, to the radio as well.  But only for a bit.

Tomorrow night I’m delighted to say we will be joined by Heathers. At 9pm on 103.2 Dublin City FM, we will be playing through their bleedin’ brilliant album Here, Not There, which will definitely be at my Best Of End of Year list thing.  It’s class.  I’m really looking forward to chatting to Heathers about the album as well as their US Tour with Ghost Mice, from which they returned today.

Tomorrow also hails the last indie hour for about a month.  I’m going to take a wee break to regroup and freshen up the show a bit.  The second Thursday in July was my fourth year broadcasting on Dublin City FM.  In those years, the format hasn’t changed too much so I think it’s time for a bit of a shake-up.  I’ve also only ever missed about 7 Thursdays in all those weeks so I’m looking forward to going out for a beer after work on a Thursday should I feel like it!

I’ll be back on Thursday nights from 9 to 10pm on 103.2 FM from September 4th onwards.  I’ll be popping by this blog anyway in the meantime with updates of gigs and all that.  I’ll have to do a bit of a Mantua post-festival thingy.  And I still have to post the last three weeks of the show as podcasts!

So in the meantime, do tune in tomorrow night.  Especially if you haven’t heard Heathers yet.  They’re completely amazing.  Gush!

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New Amusement and Heathers

May 23, 2008 at 4:46 pm (The Show) (, )

Last night on the show was a little bit sad, as The Lovely Mary Healy has had to say goodbye to the gig guide and the indie hour.  Due to work commitments, her visits with us have been less and less frequent, so she decided to knock it on the head all together.  I’m sad because she has been a part of the show for two years and she has been a huge help to me.  I’ll miss her.  Above is Mary, Robotnik and myself in happier times.  *sniffle*

We were joined in studio by a rather amused New Amusement.  Brian, Darragh and Alan giggled their way through a half hour chat on the indie hour.  They told us about their mini album Any Port In A Storm, from which we heard three tracks.  They told us about recording the tracks, their energetic live set, and plans for an album later in the year.  Keep in touch with them through their myspace to find out when they’ll be playing near you.

We also spoke to Ellie from Heathers, who are releasing their debut album Here, Not There tonight in Eamonn Doran’s in Dublin.  I’ll see you down there if you’re going.  We had a great chat with Ellie about (among other things) how her and her twin sister Louise started writing together, about going on a US tour with Ghost Mice a week after they finish their Leaving Cert next month, about their writing process, and the possibility of me going back in time and joining their band.  The doors for the launch tonight are at 7.30pm, it’s €10 in, and also playing are Reuben Teskey, Hooray for Humans and DJs 2Pac 2Furious.  Class.

We started the show with Remember When from Heathers’ debut album Here, Not There, and we finished the show with What’s Your Damage, also taken from Heathers’ debut.  Kind of a full circle sort of show.

Nialler9 recommended the Modeselektor remix of TTC & Ghislain Poirier’s track Blazin’. Ghislain Poirier is DJing tonight in Traffic on Abbey St, courtesy of !Kaboogie.  Also DJing are Dublin’s PCP and DJ Halfdutch.  Check out DJ Halfdutch’s excellent jumpjive, reggae, ska and funk mix she did a while back for State.  Perfect for sippin’ a beer in the back garden to.  Or walking to work in the rain.  Whatever.  It’s deadly.  Doors are at 10pm tonight and it’s €10.  I’ll be heading there after Heathers for sure.

Have a good weekend whatever you’re at – hope you enjoy the podcast.


New Amusement and Heathers Thursday 22nd May

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New Amusement tonight!

May 22, 2008 at 5:22 pm (The Show) (, )

Do tune in this evening at 9pm to 103.2 Dublin City FM when we will be joined in studio by New Amusement, who’ll be telling us about their mini-album (epblum if you will) entitled Any Port In a Storm.

We will also be talking to one half of Heathers over the telemephone about the release of their debut album tomorrow night in Eamon Doran’s.

If you miss the show live, you can of course download it as an mp3 from this very blog in the next day or two.  Huzzah.

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May 20, 2008 at 10:18 am (The Show) ()

Photo by Alex Sinclair

Like Una before me, I’ve fallen for Heathers.  Their track Remember When has been on repeat since I got it a week or two ago.

They’re releasing their debut album this Friday the 23rd of May in Eamon Doran’s, and we’ll be speaking to them over the phone on the indie hour this Thursday.  Hooray for Humans and Reuben Teskey will be supporting them in Doran’s on the Friday for €10 so it should be a good show.

I hope to get them in to the studio for a chat after they’ve finished their Leaving Cert and before they head off on their first US tour for the entire month of July.

I wish I had gone on a US tour after my Leaving Cert.  I went to Bundoran for a week and drank Buckfast.  Sure, I played the guitar on a beach but…sigh.

Anyway, head to the girls’ myspace page and have a listen to Remember When.

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