Gavin Glass and The Warrior Queen

October 23, 2007 at 6:19 pm (The Show) (, )

I first met Gavin Glass way back in the day when Paddy Casey had won his first Meteor Award, The Jimmy Cake had yet to take a hiatus only to make a triumphant return to the live circuit three years later, and The Maladies were playing every other night of the week in two venues at the same time.

Gavin comes from the school of musicians in Dublin that are heart breakingly serious about their craft – I mean heart breaking in a good way, of course. The professionalism, soul and dedication of Gavin’s ilk of musicians slightly overawes me at times. Gavin and I have a closer relationship than what I have with the other indie hour guests – in my other life as a musician, he recorded and produced (and encouraged) an album of my own music called The Chocolate Teapot, which I haven’t released yet (haven’t even got a myspace for it) and am not sure if I ever will due to a crisis of confidence. Silly lady.

Anyway, myself and Gavin worked on my album together over a period of nine months – when you go through an emotional process like recording an album, you get to know someone pretty well. Tears were shed, laughter was had and farts admonished – it was a beautiful experience. When Gavin was working on his own debut album, co-produced by the talented and all around lovely man Dave Slevin at Virtu Studios, he had a few of his ‘favourite singers’ come down to the studio one Sunday to sing as a countrified gospel choir. Matt Lunson, Brian Roche, The Doctor, Shelly, Cary, Dannielle Smith, Jenny Lindfors and myself headed down and had a truly spiritual experience being part of this album. And so it was with great pleasure that I had Gavin on the show last Thursday.

It’s always lovely to have an old friend to talk to on the radio – it feels even more like a catch up chat. Gavin Glass & The Holy Shakers was released to a more than agreeable press. The reviews kept returning to the same point that – as Gavin happily admits himself – it’s not re-inventing the wheel, but it’s more like adding some flashy things that go up and down the spokes. Well, no, that’s a bad analogy, and that’s not what Gavin says at all. There’s nothing flashy about the way Gavin is re-working country music; it’s rootsy, honest and gravelly-voiced.

On this show, we saw the two sides of Gavin:

Serious face

Silly face…

Hee hee!

Gavin told us about making the album, how he found his Holy Shakers, and just who The Butcher is. We listened to Sweet Ophelia, Ragdoll (featuring Cathy Davey) and Gavin played the single Older Than My Years live in studio for us. Be sure to head down to The Village on Friday the 2nd of November for Gavin Glass & The Holy Shaker’s Revue. It’ll help you find your way back to Jesus. Or back to Whelans at least.

On this show, we also heard Deliberate Deeds from Marvin’s Revolt, who hail from Denmark, are signed to Irish DIY Popular Records, and who played in The Boom Boom Room last Wednesday night with support from Adebisi Shank. They were pretty fucking cool and Deliberate Deeds is as catchy as chlamydia. Nialler9 recommended Alligator (choir version) from Grizzly Bear’s Friend EP. We also heard Skyline from Super Extra Bonus Party, who supported The Aliens in Crawdaddy on Saturday night. I wasn’t too impressed with The Aliens, I have to say. The singer had a fan in front of him and his curly fro-esque hair was blowing back like a Michael Flatley and David Hasselhoff collaboration video. Apart from that, the tunes were kind of boring. The crowd seemed rather bored too. Boo.

We also spoke to Declan Carey from Kaboogie! at the end of the show about the night down in Traffic on Friday night with The Bug and Warrior Queen. The night was an all round success, as you can read on nialler’s blog. We finished off the show with Dem A Bomb We from Ladybug – a collaboration between The Bug and Warrior Queen.

Here it is so:


Gavin Glass (without his Holy Shakers) Thursday 18th October 2007

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A ladybug

A lovely time was had last night with Gavin Glass sans The Holy Shakers – the show will be available for download by Monday morning.

Looking forward to tonight’s gig in Traffic which Declan Kaboogie told us about last night. DJ PCP and T-woc will be opening the night sometime after 10.30pm, handing over the reins to Warrior Queen and The Bug to take us through til 2.30am. I’ve re-read what I just wrote and it sounds like an Mary Ann Hobbs script. Anyway, Kaboogie will be opening the traffic doors to you at 10.30pm, it’s €13 before midnight and €15 after.

Might pop into The Ballroom of Romance on my way to Traffic this evening for the 70th Ballroom in The Lower Deck, always a good night, and you get a free cd of each of the bands. Sweet!

Heading to Crawdaddy tomorrow night to catch The Aliens and Super Extra Bonus Party.

Hurray for the weekend.

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