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When I got home last Thursday night after interviewing Alan from Hooray for Humans, aidan and my flatmate Ben were watching Jack Brel’s last performance in The Olympia Theatre in Paris in 1966. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it. Aidan spent quite a few years in Belgium and so we had the pleasure of him translating Jack’s stunning lyrics as well.

Here’s a vid of Jack himself – it doesn’t get much more emotional than this. Wonderful.

I really enjoyed last week’s programme when I was joined by Alan from Cork’s Hooray for Humans. Brave Alan was sent up to face the wrath of the indie hour on his tod as Aine from the band was unable to make the journey up from Cork.

If you listen to the podcast, you’ll realise rather quickly that I’m somewhat out of it. A long week at work left my head a bit fuzzy, and with The Lovely Mary Healy off at Rufus Wainwright, it was up to me to do the gig guide. This is never a success, what with my penchant for getting venue and dates wrong, but this time I forgot to take the gig list out of my bag and only realised until I was live on air. The joys of live radio meant that I then forgot to mention the track that I’d started the programme with, which was Bodysnatchers from Radiohead’s In Rainbows. What a pro.

Ian Oliver took a few snaps of myself and Alan, and once he headed off, it was just myself and Alan in the studio. I love having bands on the show, as you get a real buzz off of a crowd of people who know each other quite well. But it can also be really lovely with just one person; it’s a much more intimate and relaxed affair. And so myself and Alan shot the breeze about Hooray for Humans, ridiculous song titles, playing in hardcore bands and the particular brand of rage that comes with watching my super sweet sixteen. Very much looking forward to the launch gig of their album Safekeeping in Eamonn Doran’s on 3rd of November, with support from Terrordactyl and a few more.

On the show we also spoke to Robbie Things from Psychotic Reaction, which took place in Crawdaddy on Saturday night and featured Hooray for Humans and Ali and The DTs. We also spoke to Sinead from Seamra Spraoi about the All Ages gig in the community centre last Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately due to technical difficulties the interview with Sinead wasn’t recorded but I’m going to try to salvage it somehow – once I get it I’ll post it up here. The Spraoi For All will be a monthly event happening in Seamra Spraoi so bring your young uns down for a bit of deadly music!

Incidentally, myself and Alan headed down to the last ever Porco Dio in The Lower Deck after the show on Thursday night. I caught the last two songs of BATS and most of We Are Knives who came down from Belfast for the gig. I’m sure the good people behind Porco Dio will be back promoting gigs in some shape or form. Mick from Adebisi Shank was a bit emotional at the end of the night saying that the best thing about Porco Dio was that so many bands had started there, played their first gigs there, and I thought that was lovely.

On this show, we also heard Sylvan’s I Wanna Be Your Cat, Nialler9 recommended The Penalty from Beirut’s Flying Club Cup, as well as the Radiohead track I mentioned earlier.

The pics of Alan Hooray will be up here in the next day or two. In the meantime, here is the mp3 for your downloading pleasure.


Hooray for Humans Thursday the 11th of October 2007

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