Spring cleaning to the sound of garage rock…

April 10, 2008 at 7:02 pm (The Show) ()

The Indie Hour at work

And so. Apologies for the delayed posting of the indie hour crash course #1. As the title of this post suggests, the delay was down to me spring cleaning my little Rathmines pad. For a flat of such petite proportions, there was rather a lot of junk in it. And so the job took much longer than expected. Frightful really. But now I feel like a new woman. A domesticated woman. Lol.

Below is the mp3 of the indie hour crash course in Garage Rock, brought to you in association with The Revellions, The Urges and The Things. We played one original track and one hand picked recommended track from each bands, as well as getting the bottom of some of the sub-genres that lie underneath the rather large umbrella of garage rock.

Robbie Thing, Darcy Revellion, Jim Urge and Ruari Thing

We also spoke to the lovely Dandelion about her Sassy Sue’s GoGo night in The Sugar Club in Dublin every Friday night and her monthly DJ residency at The Amsterdam Beat Club on Camden Palace, as well as digging out garage records in Blackrock market way back when.

We started the show with Hey Sailor from The Detroit Cobras, and nialler9 recommended Man In Space from The Vigilantes (a track which featured on the ninth nialler9 podcast) taken from a compilation called Loose Ends found via The Yank Sizzler blog .

And so here it is for your downloading pleasure…prepare to be educated. Innit.

Right. I’m off to see Holy Fuck in Whelans, taking a one night sabbatical from the indie hour broadcasts. I shall report back to you in the morn. V excited. V.


The Indie Hour Crash Course #1 – Garage Rock

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