Rarely Seen Above Ground

July 18, 2007 at 8:46 am (The Show)

We had a great show last Thursday before I headed down to The State of Mantua on the Friday afternoon. Jeremy Hickey a.k.a. Rarely Seen Above Ground came down to the studios and treated us to a live performance…of a slightly unorthodox nature.

I first heard Jeremy play at The Dinner’s Ready Festival – see earlier post – and I loved it. I contacted him the Monday afterwards and arranged for him to come on the show.

Known to a few keen ears as the drummer of Kilkenny’s Blue Ghost, Jeremy has gone his own way – on his own. It’s a one man band affair, by choice, and this multi-instrumentalist is certainly doing fine on his own. After the release of his mini-album earlier this year, he is currently working on an album to be released later in the year. It was demos from this album that we heard on this show.

Jeremy also suggested that he would play live over the tracks as they went out on the radio. Always up for causing technical silliness on the show – as not being a sound engineer, I sometimes fall down on knowledge of what the equipment is capable of. We thought, fuck it, if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. Thankfully, it did work. And so, what you hear on this show is Jeremy playing along with his own tracks, on which he plays all of the instruments.

I really enjoyed the show, as Jeremy is one of those rare un-selfconscious musicians, who just likes to play. He was a lovely fella to boot, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing him at his next live appearance.

We also spoke to Cillian Stewart from Castlepalooza Festival, about the shindig down in Charleville Castle on 4th and 5th of the Bank Holiday weekend in August. The weekend will feature bands such as The Chapters, Neosupervital, Mainline, The Gorgeous Colours, Noise Control, House of Cosy Cushions, Fight Like Apes and eh Kathy Sledge from Sister Sledge – deadly!! The festival was a big success last year with all who played and attended, and they hope to have a repeat of that this year. Tickets are €125 for a full weekend camping and are available from The Ticket Lord.

We started this show with Adebisi Shank’s Caddyshank, the last track on their sweet as fuck EP This Is The EP Of A Band Called Adebisi Shank. Get down to Road Records or various record shops nationwide to get your hands on this mother fucker. Play it loud too. We also heard Can You Feel The Music from 2bit, Goodbye Tiger from House of Cosy Cushions, and nialler9 recommended The Animal Collective’s Peacebone.

So here it is – enjoy.


Rarely Seen Above Ground Thursday 12th July 2007

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    […] by Ian Oliver. Taken from a live session on The Indie Hour which you can listen to here. 0 Comments  | Posted by : nialler9 Read […]

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