Primavera Day One

May 30, 2008 at 2:08 pm (The Show) ()

Had a ball yesterday at the first day of Primavera. Barcelona is lovely.  Such a great city.  Looking forward to having more of a look-see on Sunday after the festival.

I would write a longer post with a run through of what I got up to yesterday, but you can just read it here and here!  I’ll try get to the laptop before nialler tomorrow morning to tell you what we get up to today.

Can’t wait to see Holy Fuck at 4.30 in the morning!


  1. raptureponies said,

    super jealous right now!

  2. Nay said,

    Saaaaame as ^she^ sez! Do tell us about the weekend, was reading Nialler’s twitters but would love to hear what you think…

    😦 Why can’t we have Holy Fuck at 4:30am here??

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