Skinny Wolves and Halfset…

October 7, 2008 at 4:20 pm (The Show)

Over a week ago, on Thursday the 25th of September, we did our last double Indie Hour(s).  We’re back to our one hour format, broadcasting from 9 to 10pm on 103.2 Dublin City FM.

Below is the mp3 from the 25th of September, when we were joined by Peter and Jaime from Skinny Wolves and Steve from Halfset.

Skinny Wolves told us about their label/promotions/art collective empire and shared with us some great tunes from various bands that they’re bringing over in the coming month.  From their label or gig stable we listened to Telepathe’s Devil’s Trident, Scrape and Peel from The Creeping Nobodies, Mercury by Mahjongg, Mirror Rim by Effi Briest and Going South by Indian Jewellry.

We were also very pleased indeed to have a chance to play Cap Pas Cap’s up-coming single We Are Men.  Cap Pas Cap will be in Hideaway House next Sunday the 13th of October, so head down to Deansgrange for that one.

Check out the Skinny Wolves site for all the up-coming gig and label releases.  They’re busy folks, that’s for sure.

For the last part of the show, we were joined by Steve from Halfset and played through a number of tunes from their stunning second album Another Way of Being There. We listened to At This Moment, A Place to Stay, Desire Lines, Salmon, Work and the title track.  We talked about the process of writing and recording the album, as well as about the bonus DVD disc which features a short film to go along with each track on the album.

I’ve had the pleasure to get stuck into the album, and indeed the DVD, since the show and have to say it’s another one for the Best Of…end of year list things.  It’s truly stunning.  The films help the listener to get more involved in the songs and really compliments the album as a whole.  I was told their launch gig at The Sugar Club on the 27th of September was a great success, with a packed house and a great performance.   The album was released last Friday 3rd of October and is available in all decent record shops.  I can’t recommend it enough.  You’ll love it.  You can have a listen to quite a few of the tracks to hear for yourself just by downloading the below mp3.

Also heard on this show were You Me by Adebisi Shank – their launch gig at The Boom Boom Room on the 26th September for the album was amaaaaaaazing.  I lost one of my earrings.  Hardcore, wha?  We also listened to Lumpy Dough from Fight Like Apes who I heard played a predictably brilliant gig in Whelan’s on the same night as The Shank.  We also listened to Stick It To Your Line by RSAG, who joined us last week on the show, the mp3 of which will be up on the blog shortly.

And so, here it is, hope you enjoy.


Thursday 25th September Skinny Wolves and Halfset

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