Super Extra Bonus Party

April 29, 2007 at 10:11 pm (The Show)

Super Extra Bonus Party. A bunch of messers. They are in fact, one of my favourite Irish bands, and have proved themselves to be heavyweight contenders with the recent release of their debut album. This was also a repeat visit to the indie hour, as the boys had come down in October 2006, when their tracks were still in the demo stages.

This show is one of my favourites of recent times, because I totally lost the plot more than once. It should be noted that Super Extra Bonus Party is made up of some rather funny individuals. At the very beginning of the show, before I even introduce the band, bass player Stephen Fahey made me laugh during the nialler9 recommends segment. Basically, the studio is split in two, with one room for myself and Mary and the desk, and another room for the bands to be interviewed in, with a window seperating the two. Does that make sense? Anyway, during the link where I’m introducing the nialler9 track, Stephen Fatz Fahey walked across the window with a sign on a4 paper in his hand. I couldn’t even read what it said, but I think it was just the potential of what it could have said is what made me laugh so much.

By the end of the show, the lads finished up by, without even saying goodbye really, simultaneously standing up, whipping off their T-shirts and waving them around their heads Full Monty style. It made for good radio. So the rustling and giggling at the end of the show? That’s Super Extra Bonus Party giving it socks without their shirts. Hilarious.

Also on this show we hear Jenny Lewis’ ‘Rise Up With Fists’ from her debut album Rabbit Fur Coat, ‘Burning’ from The Gorgeous Colours, ‘Cinnte’ from Nouveau Noise, as well as The Lovely Mary Healy with the gig guide.



Super Extra Bonus Party – 5th April 2007

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