Sweet Janeness

September 11, 2007 at 1:38 pm (The Show)

Yikes. Still a bit creaky from the picnic. Definitely getting old.

We were joined by Lydia and Danda from Sweet Jane last Thursday night, and what a pleasure it was to have them. The band had contacted me after their gig buddies Stagger Lee came on the show a few months back. I got a listen to the tunes on their myspace, read a favourable review of their live show, and invited them on the show.

Sweet Jane are just a baby band in terms of time, but with their combined music scene savvy, they’ve had an interesting life to date, with some great support slots and media attention under their belt. One of my favourite things about them is the CDr that they ‘released’ to the public. Someone approached them about the tunes on their myspace asking where they could get them, and was shortly sent a personalised CDr of the four tracks by the band.

The band now plan to record the tracks ‘properly’ – I reckon the home recorded version sound pretty proper already – and officially release the EP sometime in the next few months.

While they were in the studio, Ian had them do a bit of a clean-up of the Anna Livia kitchen. It’s not an easy life, this radio guest business.

We also spoke to Nobuyuki Takeda, guitar player from LITE, who played at Saturday’s Ballroom of Romance. If you’re into Battles and Adebisi Shank, and you haven’t heard this Tokyo-based band’s track Human Gift, head to LITE’s myspace. Now. I heard from reliable sources that the gig was killer, so really looking forward to hearing them the next time they’re in town.

Also on this show we heard Feist’s I Feel It All from The Reminder. If you’d like to be in with a chance to win tickets for her up-coming Tripod gig, enter the draw on Nialler9. We also heard Hybrasil’s San Fran from their album The Monkey Pole which they released last Friday, and Nialler9 recommended Matthew Dear’s Pom Pom for our listening pleasure. I tried to finish the show with Adebisi Shank’s Jump Cut but played Feist by mistake. Doh! Instead, we heard EF from LITE to finish off the show.

Here’s a bit of sweetness for you so.


Sweet Jane Thursday 6th September 2007

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